It all began in 1993 when I was a second-year student. I bought my very first computer. It may seem funny today but it was equipped in 386SX processor, 2 mb RAM and 130 mb hard disc! To earn some money I started to rewrite master thesis on a computer for students because in those days students use to write master thesis in pen and then it was rewritten by a typist who made a carbon copies. My “modern business” started to develop and next year 10 people were helping me. We were so specialized that a master thesis in English was rewriting by a student of English Department, a maths thesis by a student of Maths and in Autocad drawings were made by a Construction student.

At the same time university professors began to ask me to edit their scientific publications for publishing houses. The next step was to register my company. It was 2nd October 1995. It appeared that names Agnieszka and Rafal would make an interesting graphic name for the company.

When I graduated from University I started to work full time profesionally. I employed my first co-worker, account office. More and more orders were appearing for advertising. Company was located in my house until 1998 when we moved to rental office in the Old Town in Olsztyn.

My firm employed 3 people in this time. In the end of 90’ erupted crisis, many companies became bankrupt. Agraf apologized the old headquarter and came back to my house which half was rebuilt into the office.
In December 2004 we bought place on Maria Curie-Sklodowska street and after renovation in June 2005 we removed again. Company was still developing and for advertising and typography more and more added promotional clothes. The staff of Agraf was created by 7 person.

In 2006 our mascot car Warszawa 223 from 1973, my coeval, joined out team. The car fitted ideally to us and travelled more than 100,000 km to glory of Agraf (the farthest point where our Warszawa was Scotland’s Edenburg and Tatar’s Kazan, distance 4350 km).

In 2011 we became the official distributor of promotional clothes Promostars. From those time company developed and specialized in printing and embroidery on clothes.We have ceased to be in an old place. In addition, the warehouse was a bit distant from the office. Sales were rising, we were growing and looking for a new place to grow further.

In 2013, we bought a plot in Olsztyn's Dajtki district. Three years later construction started. It was supposed to bedream destination for our company with a comfortable office, warehouse, parking spaces (which is not so obvious nowadays) and the possibility of expansion.

We moved there in 2017. Building it is both contemporary and traditional, maintained in the Warmian style. It is a place of modern company, innovative ideas, but also friendly place for employees and clients, among greenery and with its own orchard. Pictures painted by our graphic designers surround us. Special projects that we create for each year, finally found their home.

We are developing further, working, modernizing, we strive to be better every day by betting on

long-term cooperation with our clients. We like them and they like us because it's better to work with a smile.

Well, it's just a quarter of a century of Agraf. Now it begins the mature part of this story …

Comapany structure

  • Sales Department. - customer service and consulting in the area of product and solution, sales, advertising, maintains constant contact with clients from Poland and abroad.

  • Design and graphics department - customer support with technical and artistic experience, both in polygraphy and clothing marking

  • Production department. - production, labeling of clothing and advertising gadgets as well as quality control. The company uses modern technological lines for making decorations: screen printing, dye sublimation printing and embroidery (embroidery machines Tajima, Sportsman screen print carousels). We also sew clothes on special orders.

  • Warehouse. - packaging of goods for the customer. A large selection of clothing available "on the spot"

  • Logistics department - optimization of goods flow, transport, transport and export documents

Specialization - protional clothing

For twenty-five years successfully operate on the advertising market. Our main activities are printing, designing and clothing distribution. Many years of experience and implementing more and more new solutions for application on textiles made Agraf one of the largest distributors of Promostars, Geffer, Crimson Cut, Mark the Helper brands.We are also one of important companies from the promotional clothing and PPE industry in Poland.

The dynamic development of our company in Poland convinced us that expansion into foreign markets is an inevitable step. Currently we work with clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We sell within the EU market. We prepare for customers outside the EU customs clearance or taxfree documents.

Stages of design and production preparation

  • Project preparation - Customer's idea, plus solutions suggested by us, possible alternative concepts proposed by graphic designer, valuation, customer acceptance, preparation of production.

  • Preparation - embroidery programs, matrices, foils or transfer papers, in accordance with the design approved by the client.

  • Production - the result of close cooperation between a graphic designer and a technologist. After the marking process (embroidery, printing), the clothes undergo is detailed quality control.

  • Shipping - the moment when hundreds of boxes and pallets leave our printing house and after logistic confection set off to the world to quickly and efficiently reach the indicated addresses.

  • We know that if we do the work entrusted to us well, the customer will definitely come back to us.